No-one likes the idea of a having an untidy office; it doesn’t leave the best impression and can impact on your focus and productivity too. Here are our tips for sorting out that paper pile:

Try and go paperless
There is a much bigger drive towards paperless offices, with email, Skype and other tech that allows us to communicate virtually, there isn’t much reason to be printing things off. Why not try out going paperless for a month, and see what kind of impact that has on your paper pile (and it’s good for the environment, too!)

Tackle that paper pile
Talking about your paper collection, this mountain of paper is a great place to start when you need to sort out your desk. Split the paper into three. Recycle, keep and bin. The majority of paper can be recycled rather than binned, which is great for the environment, and the keep pile is usually projects and tasks that you will need to complete before moving to the recycle pile.

Get a memo pad
Are you the type of person who has lots of post-it notes stuck to your desk, reminding you of those all important jobs to do? If you do, then maybe it is time to move all those singular notes into one big memo pad. Not only does this clear up all these memos, but it keeps them in one place, making sure that it is easier to keep track of the things that you need to do.

Get in an expert

If you are a business and you notice that your employees are not taking good care of their working area. Then perhaps it is time to get some help from an expert. Here at The Big Green Cleaning Company we offer office cleaning services and make sure that your workplace is spotless.

If you’re looking to hire a reliable cleaning company, please get in touch to arrange a consultation. Email or call 01242 807511